Sea Arctos’ Ship Comes In with Bolide Communications


SeaARCTOS’ flagship product – ARCTOS-1 was a revolutionary technology that attaches to a ship’s hull and provides real-time emission data for compliance with (S)ECA zone regulations.

They turned to Bolide Communications to make a splash with a new logo and website that shows what the technology can do to help their customer’s bottom line…and the environment

We Designed a New Logo First

Bolide Communications completely redesigned the company logo to set the brand tone before starting work on the website build.

An Ocean of Options

Container and Cargo ships are stunningly beautiful, so Bolide Communications drew inspiration as we pieced together video content showing the full force of the ships cutting through the ocean.

And we played around with Polar Bears – the arctic waters are where these gorgeous animals live and thrive, and played prominently throughout the logo and the website.

*This company has changed direction and is not operating fully any longer.  Please contact us to learn more about the website that was built or to speak with our client.