Redesigning a Local Community Church


The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township turned to Bolide Communications to redesign and modernize their website to highlight key events and opportunities for the local community to get more immersed in the church’s offerings.

They initially wanted a website with 70+ pages – but after careful consultation – we found many ways to consolidate pages together, so that their visitors can more easily navigate the website and find the information that would best serve the community.

Custom Website Features

This project had many moving parts, considering there was a lot of information that the church wanted to convey.  They initially wanted about 70 pages, but after showing them how pop-ups and grids could work to display different content on the same page, we were able to consolidate down the number of pages significantly.

Additional features include:

  • Sunday worship integration via YouTube
  • Ministries information for all ages (youth-adult)
  • Committee overviews and information
  • Key events taking place at the church and beyond
  • Community outreach efforts and pop-ups to keep parishioners on the page longer
  • Newsletter integration and more

*Bolide Communications does not maintain this website, so changes may have occurred since building completion.