Redesigning a B2B Software / CRM Company


iEnterprises is a 20 year old SaaS company offering CRM software and “connectors” that enable B2B organizations to connect their CRM software (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc.) so they can work directly from their email InBox.

Their existing website was very SEO-friendly, but lacked any visual components – it was mostly text, with a few images thrown in.

Old Website

SaaS Software...With Style!

Bolide Communications created new copy for the company, helping consumers and would-be customers understand what they’re buying.  We made it easier to navigate and find the software buyers are looking for, along with how-to videos / demonstrations and more.

  • Detailed product pages with features / functions
  • How-to video library and webinars
  • Easier navigation to get buyers to find the software they need
  • Better / easier system to contact sales and support team for live help

*Bolide Communications does not maintain this website.  Any changes made may have affected performance.