Barone Fini Winery


Barone Fini winery has been making exceptional Pinot Grigio and Merlot wines for 15 generations, but the brand was suffering from lack of awareness and lack of identity, particularly in a crowded field.

Bolide Communications was challenged to create new energy and excitement into the brand, offering the sales team something unique to sell to on/off-premise locations and giving consumers a reason to try – and buy Barone Fini wines.

The Creative Approach

There are 15 million Americans who classify themselves as Italian-American (6% of the population), and few of them have ever heard of the Italian holiday “Ferragosto”.

Buon Ferragosto!

Created centuries ago – Ferragosto was a time of celebration, usually at the end of the long harvest. It was a rare time when aristocrats and peasants sat down and broke bread together following the laborious harvest and everyone celebrated the fruits of the labor. Also created centuries ago, Barone Fini has a long-standing history of cultivating the land through hand-harvested practices. 15th Generation winemaker Giovanni Bonmartini Fini came to the United States and together, we Barone Fini became the first Italian winery to bring Ferragosto to the United States.

We partnered with the Greater Food Bank of Boston and the Food Bank For New York City and two classic, iconic Italian restaurants (iTrulli in NYC; Prezza in Boston) to create a special Ferragosto menu. And for every glass of Barone Fini wine sold on August 15, 100% of the proceeds benefitted the local charities.


25 Million Media Impressions

Across lifestyle print, online and television media