To a Dynamic New Website


Artisanal Imports was formed in 2001 as an importer, sales and marketing company of world-class beers. Over the past 20 years, there has been no one more influential of the introduction of Belgian beers to American audiences than Artisanal’s founder, Bob Leggett. They have represented some of the most iconic beer brands in the world, and today’s assortment includes beers from Belgium, Germany, Central America, the UK and more.

As a world-class organization, their website was dark and dreary…and incredibly slow. It was using outdated technology which was nearly impossible to update, and thus – was filled with outdated information. They needed a new website that would showcase their strengths, so that existing suppliers would be proud of their partnership with Artisanal Imports, and at the same time, attract new suppliers to their expanding portfolio of products.

Old website was dark / dreary and woefully outdated.  It didn’t convey the world-class services that Artisanal Imports offers to its many suppliers.

Dynamic / Custom Features

We spent considerable time thinking through a “Phase 1” approach – a newly designed / custom built website that would showcase the breath and depth of products offered by Artisanal Imports.  

A single brand template was created to show each brand’s products / SKUs and all copy was re-written to help this company stand out and articulate its key mission.  Then, a single product template was created and a relationship was built between products and brands.

Additional features include:

  • Searchable products by style / profile / country
  • Fingertip access to downloadable content (product shots, sell sheets, etc) for distributors
  • Customized beer finder including search by brand / search by product
  • Sales rep map with highlighted “regions” to quickly find sales team members
  • Product information and quality photography to tell the story of every brand / product
  • A rotating home page / dynamically displaying content based on days of the week
  • Greater depth of information about Artisanal Imports and the services they provide to their many suppliers, including global distribution, sales and marketing servcies