Swinkels Family Brewers Imports (previously known as Latis Imports) is the US & Canadian importer of premium beers including the iconic RODENBACH, LaTrappe, PALM, Hollandia, Bavaria and Habesha beer.

Its website was outdated and broken – the beer finder continually crashed, leaving consumers at a dead-end when trying to find and purchase beer, locally. Still, retailers and wholesalers were reliant on the back-end which included images, packshots and sales collateral materials.

Bolide Communications redesigned the site with a focus on consumer path-to-purchase. The beer finder was fixed and integrated into the site, and Bolide Communications built out e-commerce partnerships so that consumer everywhere in the United States were able to find and buy the beer.

Active beer finder to locate product at on & off-premise locations

Digital image library for sales team to download needed sell sheets, logos and more

Brand pages to showcase depth of product portfolio and uniqueness of brands

E-commerce partners put into place to purchase directly online

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